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Welcome toastmaster urvashi

Want to meet a Wallflower, so here I am!
Sometimes the moon of the morning, white and bright, when the time is not mine.
Sometimes the sun of the noon,
Blessed in winters cursed in the June.
Nevertheless, everytime a lone star, singing to myself, adoring the sunflowers, sitting near the park to the Left of my house,
Writing letters to people, curiously answering the questions in my mind, head musing about anything and everything, creating theories to live by and scolding myself everytime to not abide, time and again painting canvas, creating beautiful craft and constantly writing, I am a Misfit in this crazy world!
HELLO to everyone from the Toastmasters, that was a lot of Me.
Apart from all of that, I am a 20 year old, Graduate in Bcom Hons from Delhi University.

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