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TM Ankit- most improved member of the month

Ankit Agrawal |Jaipur toastmasters club

To connect and Live by our motto, Jaipur toastmasters club have taken this initiative of recognising our members who have *Gone beyond* their roles by recognising them as *“Most Excelled”* member of our Jaipur Toastmasters club family.

To recognise Jaipur Toastmasters club Most Excelled member for the month of October it is none other than TM Ankit, our own SAA, who plays an important role to open every meeting and behind the scene ensures that stationary, certificates, voting ballots and ballot counting is being done on time and with accuracy. He didn’t remain confined to the boundary of his role, instead have gone beyond and created a website for Jaipur Toastmasters club and ensuring we get additional online traffic, which could eventually be converted into new member of our family. Thank you TM Ankit for being that light and a torch bearer of our Motto of *Serve, Excel & Impact*

Jaipur Toastmasters club wishes you Keep up the good work and continue to inspire!!

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