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Insidious Heaven – TM Ayushi

insidious heaven | Jaipur toastmasters club

insidious-heaven is just like a dream of traveling around the world.
How many of us have dream destinations across the world! ?
Did you know that still, more than 50 percent of the southern hemisphere is unexplored !! ?
Yes, there are more than 1000 places in the world where only 0.15 percent of humans have ever been. ?
This Saturday at Jaipur Toastmasters club we are going to explore these unique, yet beautiful and some mind-boggling destinations with you.⛰??
TMOD Ayushi had begun her expedition to these places, let’s get along and sail together. ?⚓
This Saturday, 5:45 pm, Jaipur Toastmasters club venue. ⭐⭐

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