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How to find a good toastmasters club?

The best way to choose a Toastmasters club is to visit several clubs. Each club has a different personality. Members will be older, younger, more experienced, less experienced, more focused on technical topics, more focused on storytelling, more helpful, less gregarious, etc. Even the agendas for each club will be a little different as clubs are responsible for deciding what works best for their members.

If you know an experienced Toastmaster, you might ask for suggestions. Those in area and district offices visit many clubs and would certainly help you to find the club that best meets your needs. I have seven clubs in my area and each has strengths that cause people to chose their club over the others.

The concept of best Toastmasters Club would be extremely subjective, as every individual goes to a club with different expectations. However, a few factors could help you in choosing a club, in a hassle-free manner.

    • The proximity of the club, obviously for the convenience of travel, so that you can attend as much as possible.
    • How well you can sync and connect with the members of that club.(Age group, professional background, warmth)
    • How much opportunity you get in the club, in terms of speech slots, roles, etc. (The more you speak, the better you become)
    • Ultimately we all go to a Toastmasters Club for the same purpose- To learn and grow with our peer, to become better communicators and leaders. So go out there and chisel your inhibitions away and sculpt the best version of yourself.

Irrespective of which club you join, you can be assured that Toastmasters is certainly an experience that will transform you into a much more dynamic and eloquent speaker.

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